We are very happy to post Open Age member Kate Simpson’s submission today.  A beautiful, thought provoking and succinctly written letter to her door. Our door is something that many of us might take for granted –

Thank you Kate for sharing your inspirational piece! –



Dear front door

Royal blue with your silver protective strip at the bottom and a silver letter box broken – just like me. I am so sorry your letter box got broken I do not know how or why please forgive me.

However you door are so special – you are my independence.  When I put my key in your lock I feel welcomed and safe. Once inside you keep my privacy.

Of course I wish you opened up to bigger horizons – maybe a palace fit for a princess. Maybe even just another room? So sorry door it is not your fault – I am glad of your special strength and I love your blueness.

Thank you for keeping me safe and sound I apologise if my wheelchair hits you too often.

© Kate Simpson