Setting a fixed framework to write within often liberates the imagination. This exercise is one based around questions….

The task is to write a list of questions. Use the following words as the first word of each sentence, in exactly the following order –


How / Can / What / Or / Is / When / Where / Who / Will / Have / Which / Why / Do / Would / Shall / Did


The theme for your list of questions is completely open. You can make your questions random, each one completely disconnected from the next. Or they can all be on the same theme, or following a particular subject, set in the one single context. It can be an absurd list, it can be gibberish and comical. Or it can be serious. Or make it strange and unsettling. The questions can be written from a familiar context, such something to do with your daily / weekly routine, or your own life. Or they can be written from  completely imagined perspective. Serious or comical, you are free to invent exactly as you please within this fixed framework.