Colorful Fruit Food Square Background

Food delights the senses – tempts the taste buds, conjures aromas, seduces us with colours and textures. Here’s an activity which really allows you to explore your senses through writing, by focusing on the theme of food from a number of possible angles.

(1) Write about a particular meal you once had that was memorable. Talk about the occasion, the setting, the conversation, as well as the food itself. Maybe it was memorable for good reasons, maybe for the wrong reasons.

(2) Write about a favourite food, and what it means to you, as well as describing the food itself. Maybe you can come up with an unusual simile to conjure up what eating this food is like.

(3) Write about a time you gave food away to someone who needed it more. Or perhaps more dangerously, write about a time when you failed to do so and walked away guilty.

(4) Maybe you once used to get food cravings for a particular type of food (I nearly typed pearticular there). Write about the experience.

(5) If starfuit make you think about that visit to Africa, write a story where you eat a starfruit and are taken back there in your mind.

(6) Write a commentary on politics about food banks, world famine, food wastage, recycling. Get angry if you want to.

(7) If there was a strange food or a particular recipe which you used to rely on when recovering from illness, write about that.

(8) Maybe you once tried a really unusual, exotic or strange food. Tell us about it.

Adapted from Jo Bell’s marvellous poetry blog “52” –