Thank you to Kate Simpson – one of our Open Age Creative Writing members – for sharing this delightful piece of writing about a fond memory. It conjures up all the senses so beautifully: touch, smell, taste, sight and sound. What an inspiring piece!

We hope it will incite you to put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboards, to write about a precious memory of your own!

Silent Night

One of the sights I most liked looking at in the world was watching babies asleep in their cots,  fingers curled. Whilst a certain scent of baby powder wrapped round their tiny bodies seemed to be the sweetest smell.

What were their dreams I wondered. Their breathing quiet – innocent of the worries of adulthood. Insomnia only came when colic or hunger struck.

Then I would pick them up and cuddle their warm bodies stroking away their pain lulling back to sleep.  With reluctance laying them gently back in their cot. I would stay and once again marvel at their innocence.

This breath-taking sight has never left me and is etched on my memory forever. It is more precious than pearls, more gorgeous than gold, more sensuous than silver.

© Kate Simpson