A wonderful piece of poetry from Ladybird Mandala… I had the pleasure of working with the writer of this piece, with older people in Hammersmith & Fulham. She is a ray of sunshine in person, beautiful inside and out, and her writing so eloquent too!

Ladybird Mandala

I like when you talk while I’m talking to you;
It reassures me that you are listening to every word.
I like that you can do four things at once,
Your temperament never alluding to anything of gravity
With absent-mindedness that stuns my senses.
I like how perfect you are everyday
That set smile, hair optimally teased, with every strand holding its place.
It’s a mystery how you achieve this flawless  façade
– Dawn, noon, past midnight –
Without rehearsal space or time.

I like looking into those stoic eyes
Reflecting nothing intimidating like presence,
Nothing uncomfortable like observation,
Nothing infectious like passion
– Nothing in particular really.
You make me feel super chilled
Because you’re always “up for whatever”,
Including things you’re entirely uninterested in.
It’s exciting to know that we will have a blast
When we meet up – eventually.

 I like how you pout and toss your mane…

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