We have a wonderful piece of member writing today by Caroline Bennett, who presented this inspiring short-story about ‘flying’ as part of our exhibition at the Second Half Centre, London, in 2014 during London Creativity & Wellbeing Week.

A big thank you to Caroline for sharing your wonderful writing! We look forward to reading more of your work!

It was not a face to face question, it could not have been, for I was taking a shower at the health club. Thus there was a whole line of splashing shower heads hitting their targets: well exercised bodies  being rubbed and prodded and the noise around me was wet and echoing.

It came through the tannoy system, accompanied by an orchestra of droplets; it came to my ears after I’d rubbed the shampoo out of my hair. “Come fly with me, come fly, let’s fly away…….”. I stood still for a moment, hands limp by my side as Frank Sinatra continued, “…. in Llama land there’s a one man band and he’ll toot his flute for you……”

Where is Llama land I wondered? Peru, Colombia? And I could imagine the flutes they play in the Andes tooting away. Frank Sinatra in Peru? The ratty old leader of the ‘rat pack’ stomping about  with his gang of famous friends singing to  the people of Peru? And why did he want ME to fly with him? With his well known toupee I would have thought that flight would be a risky business but I supposed his ‘ol’ blue eyes could still sparkle at 40.000 feet.  Could I explain to Frank, who  is said to be a member of the Mafia, that I was terrified of flying, suffered from altitude sickness and, anyway, preferred Dean Martin’s throaty croon?

So, sorry Frank, ‘my shoes are meant for  walking’ and that’s just what they’ll do, and  one of these days these shoes are goin’ to walk all over you’ and I shan’t be with you on your ‘perfect flying honeymoon’ either.

© Caroline Bennett