The creative writing exercise theme this week is Machines

Start by looking around whichever room you are in. How many machines do you see? Life is full of machinery we rely on – the answer phone that runs out of recording space, the printer that chews up our important document when we are in a rush.

Some technology, like a toaster or the boiler, is so familiar and domestic we barely see it. Some machines – in factories say, or ones used for travelling, or war – are massive or mysterious, a source of awe or fear.

Machinery can confound us – how do I get the battery restarted under the bonnet of my car? It can delight us, like a bicycle bringing us access to the countryside.

Perhaps when you think about machines you think of fictional, imagined technology – a machine powered by daydreams, or a time travel device like Doctor Who’s Tardis.

Or perhaps you think from a historical perspective – the development of clocks, the very first telephone, the advent of computers.

Perhaps there’s a useful machine that in most circumstances you personally can’t live without – a pacemaker, a hearing aid, a wheelchair.

Whatever machine inspires you, start by describing it, and see where that takes you. See past the machine to the experiences it connects you with, the hidden story of its making, or the emotions it leaves you feeling.

This creative writing was taught by Mike Loveday today during our Creative Writing Telephone Group for the housebound