Today’s member contribution is entitled ‘Food’. Thanks Kate – your descriptive writing and culinary imagination conjured up vivid images of American delicacies and certainly tickled our taste buds here at Open Age!

‘Food food glorious food’ since returning from the USA I roll the words around my tongue with salubrious salaciousness.

The enormity of platefuls to feast my eyes upon, the graciousness of the waiting staff who quietly ignored my lack of gluttony and gave me ‘doggy bags’ to feast on later and who never witnessed my throwing them away.

Breakfast time for myself was a ‘watching time’. I’d try to assess those around me where they came from. Their breakfast orders, who ordered what, and whose plate would be finished. Normally I would be correct the size of their stomachs a good judgement!

The menu was tempting but not necessarily to my taste. ‘The American Breakfast’ a poor relation to the English ‘fry up’. The pancakes the size of plates. The ever present maple syrup poured in vast amounts on and in all food!

Lunchtime my time to be gleefully gluttonous as I happily devoured sizeable salads so enormous I gladly shared with my friend. Accompanied by cappuccinos with cinnamon on top. Cocktails, with or without alcohol, cool and colourful. Milkshakes the proportion to make my eyes pop topped by cream. And hamburgers with sweet potato fries. All treats my taste buds tried.

The lobster large enough to leap from one’s plate as though in one last bid for freedom.

Creamy clam chowder I supped happily, however, found the very same mollusc too slimy in its shell reminding me of oysters, something I have never been known to relish.

On my return I gladly ate an English breakfast the size of which no ‘doggy bag’ was needed. However my memories will remain of salads, hamburgers, grape jelly, the endless hospitality, the enormous variety to tempt my taste buds and the colourful cocktails.

Thank you magnificent Miami for opening the door to a new gastronomic greed!

© Kate Simpson