Thank you to Christina Simmons for sharing the inspiring and emotive song she wrote entitled ‘Broken Wings’. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did here at Open Age!

Broken Wings by Christina Simmons

I want to talk… want to walk

Want to run… want to fly

Just like the angel… pretty little angel

With the sweetest smile – as swiftly as lightening


Out of the cage flying high – flapping my wings

Free at last. Free and wild, like a wild cat on the ground

Looking like a butterfly…, flying high like a firefly – almost touching

the blue sky. Freedom so far-fetched.

Cos someone’s gotten a hold of me… won’t let go

No, no, no… he won’t let me go, holding on tight, broken my wings

Maybe I’ll die… alone without him, tired and weak; so very

slow, stuck on the ground; should be smiling, feeling

pretty, as fast as the angel…

Instead remains shaken, pick me up! Lift me up

Looks he gives is so mesmerising – making me paralysed

Released from his grasp and set free…

Flying high like a firefly… almost touching the sky…

Free at last…free and wild… looking like a butterfly flying high…

way above…

Repeat chorus

© Christina Simmons