Imagine your life like a blank piece of paper

Look at it! Admire it! you don’t have to decide now

What you’re going to do or what to make of it

Lets discuss it! Lets see! Lets talk about it a bit…

I’ve had my heart rip to shreds by wolves in sheep

clothing knowing only revenge coupled by hatred

I’ve had both hands amputated up to my elbows

unable to give a hug a gentle touch

I’ve had both legs removed underneath me

So low I could only see the bottom

I’m Sighing for regard and some attention

I reach out with my voice I allow the tears

to roll down eventually forming an ocean

I swam through the vast and angry waters

at last reaching the edge of the planet I held on

never letting go.

The sun is shinning there’s a brightness I hadn’t

seen before trees are looking greener flowers are

even quicker to grow

My eyes are opened I’m out of Troubled waters

I’m alive! I keep moving! I keep going!

Not looking back not dwelling on the past

It’s time for a new beginning.

© Sylvestina Simmons