Is London now the new milk and honey?

How long will we stand aside and watch while

Africa is slowly suffocated and killed

The sweet land that once were is no longer


Ripped apart for her precious stones

Her magical soil

Alloying we need badly for our fast way of life


How long will we stand aside

While Africa’s children staved

To death resembling the lost tribe of  Israel


Dinkas once noble and sacred now swarmed of ants

Dependent on cast-off rags

From western charitable folks


Looking like match stick drawings of guys and dolls

Ravaged by disease

The mud too tire to produce

Its trees too terrified to come out to play


How long will we stand aside and watch Africa’s

Children weep for their loss childhood

The once playful breeds have forgotten how to let-loose


Memories of atrocious acts imprinted on the psyche

Like that of a computer storing information

Tear-drops now like blood: So maybe they’d rather not cry


How long will we behave like angels without wings

Whilst laughing and playing with our perpetrators

For the bloodshed of our once garden of  Eden

Brothers and Sisters wake up and honour thyself