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Six Unusual Writing Studios


How wonderful and inspiring to see how other writers work and are inspired by these Six Unusual Writing Studios. we stumbled upon at Something to Write Home About – Jean Fischer’s brilliant blog.

Writer’s Block?


Then why not read these 30 indispensable Writing Tips from Famous Authors on Buzzfeed. Get some tips and inspiration from some of the world famous experts!

I Prescribe TV


I Prescribe TV

If you want to see a doctor – simply turn on the TV

For every other programme’s medical, I guarantee.

We’ve Doctors, Medics, House, ER and also Holby City,

Embarassing Bodies, A & E, and also Casualty.

There’s Doctor Hilary, Doctor Chris, and Doctor Pixie too,

Steer clear of Gillian McKeith – obsessed with number two!

There’s Doctor Phibes, who loved his spouse, and Docs Evil, and No,

The soaps have medicine in them too, though not in every show.

Sherlock had Doctor Watson, who was always at his side,

And Doctor Henry Jekyll, who turned into Edward Hyde.

A TV diagnosis is the fastest you can get,

Even on a Zoo Visit, you are sure to see a Vet.

Of course my favourite medic has a surgery that’s blue.

I wish he was my GP – well – who else but Doctor Who!

© Pandora Varrakalion

A Day in the Life – Creative Writing Inspiration


Here’s an inspiring photography project on Feature Shoot about A Day in the Life of single elderly women in New York City, USA.

In Life Ever After photographer Patrícia Monteiro shows how four women in their 80s and 90s, living alone, live life to the full: soaking up the art, culture, social activities and life in this buzzing city.

“In these four women, the photographer found fiercely independent souls, constantly evolving and engaged with the goings on around them. Despite physical difficulties—Rita, for instance, has a few disabilities—each pursues her interests with as much fervor as ever.”

“At this age, the women have seen the deaths of lifelong friends and companions, but they have learned to cope with loss. Their late husbands are abiding fixtures in their lives, and Sonia still wears her wedding band. Rita got giddy reminiscing on her boyfriend, Molly shared relationship advice. At one time, they all had careers. A few of them shared photographs from their pasts, although nostalgia was sometimes tinged with heartache. For the most part, explains the photographer, the women didn’t dwell on or concern themselves with thoughts of their mortality, focusing their attentions instead on the joys of the day-to-day.”

Today’s Creative Writing Exercise: A Day in the Life..

Write about a day in your own life, or in the life of a neighbour, or a friend… It can be fictional or biographical, a short story or poem – let your imagination decide! But use Patricia Monteiro’s inspiring photography project as a springboard to get your creative ideas flowing!

You can see more of Monteiro’s photography here:

A Writer’s Motivation Tip by Cornelia J. Glynn


A Writer’s Motivation Tip that could inspire your own creative writing or at least put a smile on your face 🙂

“It is important that we appreciate what we have and that we do our best to see beauty in each day. At the end of the day I make a little list of all the nice things that have happened – could be something simple like a toddler smiling at me, or the red robin in our garden singing a song, thanking me for the food I put out. I put a smiley next to each incident and then it occurs to me that, even if I’ve been depressed, something good happened. It does so every day.” – Cornelia J. Glynn

Winter Writing Prompts

Here are some great winter writing prompts with photographs to inspire you…
Grab a cup of hot cocoa, snuggle up on the sofa, or get settled in your favourite writing spot… and check out these wonderful writing prompts by Chris Dunmire at Creativity Portal – Click on the text below to view the prompts:


Cold, snowy winter weather! Looking for some inspiration or the “write” kind of prompting for the winter and Christmas season? Never fear, look right here! These cool writing prompts and photos will help facilitate your creative stories, blog entries, and holiday reflections for the winter season and melt any icy writing blocks you’ve been chipping away at. Grab your writing shovel and dig in!

PD James 10 Tips for Writing Novels


PD James the great crime novelist has passed away at the age of 94.

Here she shares 10 Tips for Writing Novels for all you aspiring writers great words of wisdom from one of the greatest crime writers.

I am lucky to have written as many books as I have. It has been a joy.

PD James



We have found 12 great nature writing prompts to inspire you posted by Melissa Donovan at Writing Forward:

“Creative writing prompts are excellent tools for writers who are feeling uninspired or who simply want to tackle a new writing challenge. Today’s creative writing prompts focus on nature.

For centuries, writers have been composing poems that celebrate nature, stories that explore it, and essays that analyze it.

Nature is a huge source of inspiration for all creative people. You can find it heavily featured in film, television, art, and music.”

Click here to read the 12 prompts! 

We’d love to read what you write – so please submit to the Open Age Word Wise blog if you would like to share your work!

The Power of Books

power of books

Dipping your nose into a good book is a great way to get some inspiration for your Creative Writing – we have a great selection of books to borrow in our library at Second Half Centre

– pop in and see what takes your fancy!

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